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Expert Training and Configuration

You will have two administrator training sessions with your project manager which will each cover different topics of your edays system. You will then be expected to complete the configuration of those topics following the training and the start of the next session with your project manager will include a Q&A to go through how you got on with this.

The training will be recorded, and you will also have access to our edays learning centre, which splits the training into bite-size videos.

The topics covered in each training include the following:

Training 1

System setup

System setup learning centre video (9 minutes, 9 seconds)

System setup guide

Public holidays

Public Holidays learning centre video (3 minutes, 47 seconds)

Public holidays guide

Public holidays – part timers guide

Custom holidays

Custom days learning centre video (3 minutes, 46 seconds)

Custom days guide


Rota patterns learning centre video (4 minutes, 29 seconds)

Rota guide

Entitlement setup

Entitlement setup learning centre video (7 minutes, 30 seconds)

Entitlement accrual setup learning centre video (6 minutes, 18 seconds)

Entitlement guide

Entitlement accrual guide

Absence setup

Absence type setup learning centre video (7 minutes, 12 seconds)

Absence type guide

Overtime & TOIL and Buy & Sell

Overtime & TOIL and Buy & Sell learning centre video (5 minutes, 56 seconds)

Adding a new overtime or TOIL type

Configuring Buying and Selling Holiday (Flex Leave)

Training 2


Groups learning centre video (2 minutes, 56 seconds)

Groups guide

Custom user views

User views and custom filters learning centre video (4 minutes, 45 seconds)

Custom user view configuration

Adding users

Adding users learning centre video (5 minutes, 26 seconds)

Add user guide

User records 

Records and recycle bin learning centre video (3 minutes, 22 seconds)

Bulk user updates

Bulk update tools learning centre video (4 minutes, 46 seconds)

Bulk updating Users' entitlement

Bulk updating user data

Front-end of edays

Employee directory (if applicable)

Configuring the Employee Directory

Using the Employee Directory

Document portal (if applicable)

Configuring the Document Portal

Time tracking (if applicable).

How to set up Time Tracking


Working locations (if applicable)

Creating Working Locations


You can use our edays configuration checklist below as you update each section. Once complete, you can use our test script to check the configuration of your edays system is working as expected. Please note that any records submitted in the front-end of the system e.g. holiday requests would send email notifications to users.

When you are happy that the configuration of your system meets your requirements and that your user data is accurate, you can then launch your edays system to your staff. Please see Expert Package Launch for more information about this stage of your edays implementation.

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