How to change Overbooking - Global


Overbooking is used to allow users to book beyond their entitlement balance. This can be useful for entitlements that are unplanned e.g. sickness, or in special circumstances. To change the overbooking setting on an entitlement globally, please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Admin tools > Admin panel > Global > Entitlement setup
  • Click Edit next to the entitlement pot
  • Amend Overbooking mode as required:
  • Allow – overbooking will be enabled and users will be able to book absences beyond their entitlement balance
  • Deny – e-days will not allow the user to submit an absence if it will take them over their balance
  • Prompt – overbooking will be enabled, but users will see a prompt to warn them and give the option to proceed or cancel
  • Click Save