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Entitlement Setup - Advanced v Standard Entitlement Mode

This guide has been created for system administrators.

Specific role permissions may be required, including: Entitlement Setup.


Your Edays admin panel can be set to either Standard or Advanced Entitlement Mode at the point of initial system configuration. The Advanced Entitlement Mode provides access to more entitlement settings, the ability to configure accrual policies, and access to individual entitlement elements within entitlement pots.

This guide provides a method for determining which mode your system is set to and also highlights the key differences between the two modes.

Please note: If you would like to switch between Advanced or Standard Entitlement Mode, please raise this as a request to our support team via a support ticket.

Determining which mode your system is set to.

The easiest way to determine whether your system is set to the Advanced Entitlement Mode is to check if you have access to Accrual pattern setup in the admin panel.

Step by step guide:

  • Navigate to Admin tools > Admin panel.
  • Go to Global.
  • If you see the Accrual pattern setup option, you are set to the Advanced Entitlement mode.

Key differences between Standard and Advanced Modes.

  • Entitlement Elements - In Advanced Mode an entitlement pot can be split into separate entitlement elements, each with their own balance or accrual policy. An example of this would be a Holiday entitlement pot split to separate Annual Entitlement and Long Service elements.
  • Entitlement Creation - Advanced Mode allows you to create additional entitlement pots or elements.
  • Accrual Patterns - In Advanced Mode you can configure both an accrual policy template and individual accrual policies for entitlements, incorporating the recurrence template and further restrictions or configuration parameters.
  • Additional Settings - In Advanced Mode you are presented with a greater range of settings, including the ability to set allowance caps or automate the provision of entitlement each year.
  • Carryover/Transfer Expiry - You can configure carryover/transfer for each individual element of an entitlement pot, including the ability set an expiry date for the carried over entitlement, when in Advanced Mode. To learn more about carryover/transfers, please click here to see our overview guide.

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