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Entitlement Setup - Creating a new entitlement pot

Please note you'll need to have the advanced entitlement page enabled, if not enabled, the agent dealing with the case will advise and enable. 

Creating a new entitlement pot
  • Navigate to Admin control panel > Global > Entitlement Setup
  • Click on the Add new button to bring up an entitlement pot creation form: 
  • The main details you need to enter here are "Description", "Time Unit" and "Overbooking mode", however you can also expand the advanced options if you want to set any of the other settings such as alternative year dates (only use if the entitlement rollover date should differ from the normal).
  • Click the Save button once you're happy with the settings.
Once the entitlement pot has been created, it will create a default entitlement element - this will be titled the same as the pot.

To assign entitlement to an absence type:
  • Navigate to Admin > Global > Absence type setup
  • Click the Edit button on the absence type you wish to add the entitlement to
  • Look for the Affected Entitlement field and select the entitlement pot you've just created.
  • Click the Save button on the absence type.

You will be able to add balance to the entitlement pots either on a user-by-user basis OR you can do an import using the tool available in Admin > Users > Entitlement Import, please see the guide:
 Bulk Updating User's Entitlement

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