If your system is set to the advanced entitlement mode you will have some additional settings available to you, one of which is 'Accrue on Rollover'. This setting will determine whether the given entitlement element will accrue a balance each new 'next year' based on what had been set for the previous 'next year' per user.

For example, when accrue on rollover is set to 'yes', if a user has 20 days of entitlement for current year and for next year, at the year end the following will occur.

  • Current year will become last year and will have 20 days as the base entitlement that was provided.
  • Next year will become current year and will have 20 days as the base entitlement.
  • A new next year will be created and the entitlement will be automatically provided to match to the previous next year (now current year) i.e 20 days.

Step by step:

  • Navigate to admin tools > admin panel > global > entitlement setup
  • Press the elements button against the required Entitlement Pot
  • Press the edit button against the required Entitlement Element
  • Press the uppermost advanced button (directly below the Sort Index field)
  • In the 'Other Settings' section, set the 'Accrue on Rollover' field to 'Yes' (to allow the automatic provision of entitlement each year)
  • Press the save button at the foot of the page