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Time Submission - Creating Rota Sync

This guide has been created for all system users. 

If you are unable to access anything covered in this guide, please raise this with a system administrator. 


To save you time, for staff that normally work the same rota every week, rota synch can be used to quickly submit time worked for the week. It automatically creates a period of time based on the users rota pattern, up to the current date.  

Time submission accruals can be used in conjunction with this rota copy feature, to allow users to accrue holidays based on the time they worked, excluding certain absence types, typically long-term sickness or maternity. 

This button can be disabled via a system setting at the global, template or user level. 

Step-by-step Guide  

  • To utilise rota sync 
  • navigate to my tools  
  • time submission  
  • At the bottom of the page on the left side, there is a ‘copy in rota’ button.  
  • A notice will appear with the following text - This will automatically create periods of time, based on your rota pattern, up to today's date. No periods which you have already entered will be amended. When there is an absence on a day, it may prevent the time from pulling through, if your administrator has set it up that way. 
  • Absences will, by default, block time from being copied in from rota - e.g. a full day absence will be seen as no time off. Some absence types may wish to be used as working time, e.g. Training - in this case, the Absence typesetting "Time submission affects attendance" can be flipped to No. This can be done at the Global, Template or User level. 


  • Days rota - The time added starts at 9 am and adds to the user's hours per day. 
  • Half days - For a half-day AM, the time added starts at 9 am; for a half-day PM, the time starts at 1 pm. Then, half the user's hours per day are added. 
  • Hour rota - The exact hours are added in. This includes if there are multiple periods in a day, so a rota could be set to 9 am-12 pm and 12.30 pm-5 pm if those are the exact periods that are standard for the user to work. 
  • Hour rota with fixed duration - The hours are added in, and the breaks feature is used to give the correct time. E.g. if the times are 9 am-5 pm with a fixed duration of 7 hours, then the time added is 9 am-5 pm with a 1-hour break, giving a total of 7 hours for the day. 
  • Absences and public holidays - The time around an absence is still copied across. E.g. if an absence is 1 hour in the middle of the day, two periods will be created around it. 
  • The setting "Time submission affects attendance" needs to be toggled to No on most absence types. It would only be Yes on the absence types which block accruals. Then, an accrual is set up to accrue on-time submission, at the appropriate rate per hour worked. For more details, see Time submission accruals. 
  • The setting "Time submission affects attendance" is also present on public holidays and custom days, at the global level only (Global -> Custom days setup and Global -> Public holiday setup). 


Example Configuration 

Eoghan works a rota of Mon – Thurs every week. He needs to submit his time worked for this week. He navigates to the time submissions and clicks ‘copy in rota’ at the bottom of the page.  


Eoghan also has requested a holiday on Tuesday, which is noted as pending. Please note that holiday time will appear as time under the absences in the table at the top of the screen, but only once authorised.  

Please note: If you are authorising time submissions for a member of staff and they have a holiday booked on a date that they have submitted time, you will need to cancel one of the requests, depending on what the member of staff did that day, otherwise it will be reported as time worked as there are instances in which a member of staff might take a day off, but work a small number of hours which should be recorded.  


Eoghan removes the hours for Tuesday as he was on holiday and saves his week at the bottom of the page. After a moment the page refreshes and he can press ‘submit week’ which is located next to save a week, to submit it for authorisation.  


A box will appear asking to confirm the submission. Once submitted, the user will not be able to edit the week and the boxes will appear as greyed out. If the timesheet is pending it will indicate this under the week dates at the top of the page.  


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