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Changing the Leave Year – User

Changing the Leave Year – User


It is possible to change the calendar in e-days on a user level; however, this can have an impact on the data that is currently held in the system. This guide explains how to make the change, and will also advise on how entitlement changes will be calculated by the system.


To make the leave year change, you will need to follow these steps below:

  • Navigate to Admin tools > Admin panel > Users > Users
  • Search for the user you wish to change and click Edit
  • Go to the System tab
  • Scroll to the Format Settings
  • Click the Change leave year button
  • Select the Day and Month that you wish the leave year to start on
  • Select the entitlement pots that you wish to be affected by this
  • If you have any users that have a leave year that has been set individually on their profile, you can click the 'Force overridden users to use new calendar' button to change this if necessary
  • You can select for e-days to calculate new entitlement and adjust carryover records for all users when the change is made (more details on this below)
  • Click the Change leave year button


If you choose to allow e-days to calculate the entitlement for users based on the year change, it is important to understand how this will be calculated. The calculation changes based on whether the leave year will be shifting forwards or backwards (the description below the options on the page will update to show which shift is required based on the date you request). 


For a forward shift:

When the leave year is shifted forwards, there becomes a gap between the previous leave year and the new one. The system will calculate the number of days required to account for this gap based on the number of days in the gap. This gap would be seen as an extension to the current year, so entitlement from this year will be carried back into the gap to cover any absences booked in that period. 


For a backward shift:

When the leave year is shifted backwards, there becomes an overlap in the previous calendar year and the new one. The system will count the number of days in this overlap period and then prorate the current year to reduce the number of days based on this. For any absences that are booked in the overlap period, entitlement will be carried over from the last year's entitlement into this year to cover them. 

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