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Changing the Hours Per Day - User level

This guide is intended for system administrators. Please note that certain role permissions, such as Users, may be necessary. 

The “hours per day” setting is utilised to indicate the length of a complete workday. This setting can be established at the global level and passed down to Template and User levels, or it can be customised for specific templates or users.

When using a day based rota pattern, 'full day' applied to any given day will equal to the hours per day set (or inherited) to the user.

For example, hours per day could be set as 08:00 (eight hours) and a day based rota pattern of 'Full day', Monday to Friday, could be applied. This would mean that a full working week is 40:00 (forty hours).

When utilising a day-based rota pattern, designating a day as 'full day' will correspond to the hours per day that have been set (or inherited) for the user. For instance, if the hours per day are set to 08:00 (eight hours) and a day-based rota pattern of 'Full day' is applied from Monday to Friday, the total working hours for the week would be 40:00 (forty hours). 
In the case of a user with an hours-based rota pattern, day-based absences will be compared to the duration specified in the rota, in relation to the hours per day, to determine the actual amount of time taken off. For example, if a user has an hour per day of 08:00 (eight hours) but a rota working duration of 06:00 (six hours), the absence will be recorded as 0.75 days. 
For further information regarding the recording of decimals in day-based absences, please refer to this link.


This guide provides the steps required to adjust the hours per day at the User level.

To amend a user's Hours Per Day, please follow the steps below:

1) Navigate to Admin tools > Users

2) Search for the user and click the edit button to the right

3) Select the System tab

4) Amend the value in the Hours Per Day field (as hours:minutes)

5) Click Save Record at the bottom of the page.

Kindly take note that altering a user's daily hours may have an impact on their yearly entitlement balance, absence records and transfer records. We recommend referring to our X guide for further details.

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