When an authoriser is away from the office, they may wish to delegate their authorisation to another authoriser. 

This guide outlines how to set this up. 

To enable delegation on your e-days system, please follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to Admin tools > Admin panel > Global > System setup 
  2. Scroll to Authorisation settings 
  3. Click the box next to Enable delegation 
  4. Click the Save button 



Once this has been enabled, please follow these steps to set up delegation for an authoriser: 

  1. Navigate to Admin tools > Admin panel > Users > Users 
  1. Search for the user and click Edit 
  2. Scroll to the Delegation section 
  3. Click Add authorisation delegation 
  4. Enter the details as required 
  5. Click the Save record button 



Note: the user being delegated to must have an authoriser role.