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Calculation Process for Working Periods

What is hours per day, and why does it matter? 

The hours per day, or HPD, is what enables edays to define the user's full working day. For example, here at edays, we work a 37.5 hour week, therefore, our HPD is 7 hours 30 minutes – Monday to Friday. 

The HPD works alongside the FTE (Full Time Equivalent) and the Rota Pattern.

When calculating working periods, edays utilises two main factors: HPD and the rota pattern, if configured in hours and booked in days, the rota pattern is considered. For further information, please consult Difference between days and hours rota guidance.

If you have noticed that the entitlement is showing less or more than one day when booking a specific date, the issue may be a discrepancy between the HPD and the rota pattern. In such cases, edays calculations may return decimals in absence lengths. 

If a user requests absences in days, but their rota pattern is in hours, this can be a common issue. To review a user's rota, follow these simple steps:

1) Go to the admin panel.

2) Navigate to “Users”

3) Select the desired user.

4) Click “Edit”

5) Choose the “Rota” tab to review.

In the below example, the user has a different rota duration and HPD:

Click on any numbered square in the 12-month calendar on the page to view information on that date. The Duration value tells edays how many hours to record. For example, 01-09-2023 would be recorded as 8 hours.

For the above example, as the HPD and rota differ, a single day booking will deduct 1.07. 

If you wish for full days to be deducted, you'll need to ensure the rota pattern matches the HPD. Therefore, in this scenario, we would need to confirm which value is correct; HPD or Rota. 

1) If the HPD is correct, the rota pattern will need updating and re-applying, please refer to our Amending an Existing Rota Pattern and User level - Rota refresh guide. 

2) If the rota pattern is correct, it would require the HPD being reviewed and updated, please refer to our Changing the Hours Per Day - User level guide.

3) If the user works variable days and books in days, please refer to variable hours' rota guide for our best recommendations. 

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