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Entitlement - decimals

When a user's Rota information and Hours Per Day values do not correspond with each other e-days' calculations will return decimals in absence lengths and entitlement deductions.

When an absence is recorded, e-days refers to that user's rota information to determine the days and hours that person is working within that absence period. This gives e-days a total number of hours for that absence duration. e-days then use a detail called Hours Per Day to divide that number of hours and express it in days.

This is a common issue when a user requests absences in Days and has a rota pattern recorded in Hours

To review a user's rota information navigate to:
e-days > Admin > Users > Users > [Select a user] > Edit > "Rota" tab

If you would like to enlarge the video, please click on it to expand.

Clicking on any numbered square in the 12-month calendar on this page will bring up detailed information on that date. The value in the Duration tells e-days how many hours to record. In the example above, 10-04-2020 would be recorded as 8 hours.

To review a user's Hours Per Day information navigate to:
e-days > Admin > Users > Users > [Select a user] > Edit > "System" tab

In the example above, e-days will take the hours of any absence recorded by this user and divide that number by 8.5 to report that duration in days.

Where a user's Hours Per Day value does not correspond to their rota duration the swiftest remedy is to correct the Hours Per Day value on their User Record.
Please note: 
e-days will automatically alter that user's entitlement values in line with the alteration to their Hours Per Day value. You are advised to review the entitlement values for the user (Last Year, Current Year and Next Year values) before and after editing their Hours Per Day value.

Ensuring a user's Hours Per Day and Rota information correspond to each other will allow e-days to correctly calculate absence lengths and duration for new absence records.

If you wish to amend the rota pattern, please refer to the changing a user rota pattern guide. 

Existing absence records are not altered retrospectively. An admin can easily instruct e-days to re-calculate an absence's duration by:
  1. Navigate to
    e-days > Admin > Records > Absence Records
  2. Use the search filters to locate the absence record(s) in question
  3. Edit a record to display its details in full
  4. Delete the values in both the "Hours Off" and "Days Off" fields
  5. Press the Save Record button
Repeat steps 3-5 for each absence that needs to be re-calculated.

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