The TOIL balance for this user is showing incorrect, can you assist - all the records are correctly showing. 


This may be due to the balance held within the entitlement pot, as the annual entitlement value, if altered it will reflect on the front end of the system. 

If you wish to check the TOIL entitlement pot, please refer to the below; 

  • Navigate to: Admin tools > Users
  • Use the search filters to find the existing User you intend to update, then press the blue "Edit" button on their row.
  • Press the "Entitlements" tab.
  • Search OR locate the "TOIL" pot - select "edit". 
  • Press "Edit" for the "TOIL element" row.
  • Input the adjustment to the balance that you would like to make within the "Adjust balance" field. - If you wish to reduce the entitlement you will need to enter the adjustment as a minus number.
  • Input any details you would like to add to the adjustment within the "Description" field.
  • At the bottom of the page press the orange "Save" button.

If this does not resolve the issue, please feel free to contact the support desk.