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What does the Sort Index mean on my entitlement setup?

Often there will be more than one element within a Holiday pot, for example it might include Long Service or Carryover elements.

When there is more than one element, the system needs a way to decide which is used first when a user makes an absence booking.


For these scenarios edays uses a Sort Index. This allows the administrator to configure the priority of the entitlement to control the order in which the balances are used. 

A sort-index of zero is the highest priority, then one, two, three etc.


This example template has three elements within the Holiday Pot. As there are three elements the system needs to know which to prioritise and use first. Once an element has been used up, it will move onto the next element. 

The sort index has been set to 0,1,2, the system will therefore use them in this order:

  1. Carryover Element
  2. Long Service Award
  3. Annual Entitlement

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