I want to remove holidays from some employees, since they don't want the day off anymore. How do I do this?


Using administrator access.

If you wish to delete or edit any absences records, including changing the status of the record to cancelled or changing the absence type, as an administrator, you can do this by accessing the absence records in the admin panel.

To be able to see all users' absence records you will need to have the required 'Can view in record' permissions in the absence type.

To check your permissions, please follow the guide linked below. If you're not a 'super user', a fellow system admin will need to check this on your behalf.

Absence Setup - User level absence type permissions

Once you have full visibility of users' absence records, you can adjust them by following the steps in the guide linked below.
Absences - Updating an absence record
Or delete them by following the steps in the guide linked below.
Absences - Deleting an absence record

n.b. as an admin, if you adjust absence records in the admin panel, you will bypass any authorisation process. 

As an authoriser.

If you are the authoriser of the absence type for the user, and where the system allows, you can navigate to the user by the 'find user...' search bar at the top of your Edays system.

Once you are viewing the user's dashboard, please follow the steps below.

  • For planned absences (e.g. Holiday) click the 'Holiday and Planned Records' button or for unplanned absences (e.g. Sickness) click the 'Sickness and Unplanned Records' button
  • Scroll to the Absence Records list
  • click the appropriate button to the right of the required absence record to either cancel or edit.

n.b. the ability to cancel may not be available for all absence types in your system.