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Unable to delete a user - account currently has reportees attached

This guide has been created for system administrators.

Specific role permissions may be required, including: Recycle Bin.


When attempting to delete a user, you may be presented with the following notification message.

This will mean that the user you are attempting to delete is an authoriser and they still have links to reportees in the system.

Removing authorisation links to active reportees:

To remove authorisation links to users that are active in the system, please follow our guide to using the 'Bulk User Update Tool' to swap/apply authorisers - the guide can be found by clicking here.

Removing authorisation links to deleted reportees:

Deleted users can be permanently deleted from the recycle bin in order to remove the authorisation links. You can access the recycle bin by clicking the bin icon in the top right corner of the admin panel. 

If you would like to permanently delete users in the recycle bin please click the 'delete forever' button (icon of bin containing an x) to the right of the listed deleted user.

If you would rather not permanently delete the users in your recycle bin, or if you encounter any issues please raise a support ticket via your support portal account and we will remove any remaining authorisation links, allowing you to delete the authoriser.

Please note: In order to access the recycle bin, the 'Recycle bin' role will need to be applied - the guide to applying a role can be found here.

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