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I am unable to see a specific Absence Type on a User profile?

Sometimes you may not be able to see a specific absence type on a user's calendar, or on their Planned/Unplanned Records.

The visibility of Absence types is controlled by the 'permission' settings on the Absence Type. 

Each absence type in your system has a set of permissions that affect certain functionality and visibility of absence records depending on your relationship to the users' absences you are intending to view.

If you cannot see a specific absence type for a user in the calendar but should be able to, it is because you do not have the correct 'Permission' settings within the Absence Type setup and will therefore have to update the settings. The most common scenario for this is an absence type that is restricted to everyone else in the system, such as sickness

Which Permission do I need to update?

You will need to update the 'Can View In Calendar' permission setting to Yes, on the Others column. 

Permission Settings Explained 

There are 3 options in the permission setting:

  1. ‘My items’ refers to whether the user can see their own information.
  2. ‘Reportees’ refers to whether an authoriser can see their reportees' information.
  3. ‘Others’ refers to whether a user can see other users' information.

Other Useful Information

Permission settings can be set at the global Level, template level or individual user level with each hierearchy overriding the previous respectively.

To view the guide on how to update the permission settings click here.

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