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When should I contact Support vs Customer Success?

We've got lots of helpful resources & teams available to solve most of your edays questions, however here's a quick handy guide on when you should contact your Customer Success Manager, or log a ticket on the Support Desk.

When should I contact my Customer Success Manager?

You can email or find your CSM contact details in the Success Centre (click the lightbulb in the corner of your edays system.)


Best Practices & Recommendations

  • The Customer Success team can use their expertise to recommend the best way to achieve a new leave & absence policy, or assist with your strategy for launching a new office or region
  • Help you unlock more features and get the most from your absence data

Customized Training

  • I'd like to book a training session for a new Administrator
  • Where can I access online training resources?

New Modules and Features

  • I'd like to enable additional features like Time Tracking or the Document Portal
  • Upgrade your edays to unlock more people insights & data

Expansions & New Users

  • How do I launch edays in a new country or office?
  • How do I add more users?

Contract & Renewal Info

  • When is my renewal, what are the terms, pricing?
  • I'd like to add additional licenses
  • I have a question about my contract

I'm not sure who to speak to?

  • The Customer Success team are always on hand to point you in the right direction!

When should I contact the Support Desk?

Ensure you have registered your email address on our Support Portal, and please raise a ticket here

Guidance on how to use edays Features

  • How do I update somebody's entitlement?
  • Why can't I see a specific absence?
  • Why did I not receive this alert?

Product Feature Questions

  • How do I enable Working Locations?
  • How do I setup Overtime/TOIL?
  • Is there a Knowledge Base guide for enabling Carryover?

Product Related Issues

  • My booking form is not functioning as expected?
  • Why did carryover fail for this user?


  • Can you help me find a new starter that should have been synced with edays?

API Troubleshooting

  • Can you enable the API on my edays system?
  • Why is this API query returning an error?
  • Where do I find the API documentation?

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