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Feature Checklist

The Feature check-list, located in the Admin panel under Global, is an area of e-days Admins can use to identify what features are being utilised within the system and is not being used that may potentially benefit your organisation.

Where a feature has a check-mark in the In Use column, your system already has this feature enabled. Otherwise, you will either see a check-box or a plus sign in the Enable / Enquire column.

Where you see a check-box, this means the feature in question will need to be enabled by, or with the help of, e-days staff. You can tick multiple boxes, fill in the Enquire form, and hit Send. One of our team will be in touch to discuss or set this up for you, depending on which feature(s) you selected.

Where you see a plus sign, clicking this will take you through to the corresponding area of e-days where this feature can be enabled. If the feature in question is enabled under a User or Absence type, you'll be taken through to those screens, but will have to edit a User/Absence type to find the setting.

Note: You will need the System set-up permission to access this feature.

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