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Phone Service



Your support has now moved online!


Why we can no longer answer your calls...


We understand that great technical support is crucial to your overall customer experience with us, therefore it’s essential that we provide you with the highest quality support, so that you can carry on being awesome at your job.


It’s all online!


Along with some of the world's best tech brands, we've taken the decision to adopt a 'portal first' approach to support. This means that rather than telephone calls, emails, and various other channels, we can help you get access to your resolution a lot quicker by streamlining the support queue and making sure your request ends up in the right hands. 


The hard truth is that not all customer requests can be solved straight away. Queries can be complex and we want to ensure that the communication between you and your support team is as smooth and accurate as possible. Taking a portal-based approach gives our teams the relevant information they need to solve your request much faster.


We also understand that sometimes you just need to speak to a human voice. And we've got you covered. If you need a call, let us know your issue via the online support portal and we'll gladly call you back, armed and ready with the best way to help you. 


Moving support online will help you get:


  • a guaranteed experience, consistent every time
  • access to the right person dealing with the right type of enquiry 
  • a quicker response. We understand you don’t have time to wait. Moving online helps to reduce the resolution time 
  • more cost-effective support and fewer price increases in the future. 


So whether you can’t log in to your product, you're having installation issues, or a feature isn’t working as it normally does, please do access support by selecting 'Support' from within your e-days product, or from the support area on


Many thanks,


The e-days team

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