If you would like to run a report that will provide calendar year data and entitlement earned up to a specific period, the below guide will assist.

  • Go to the Admin Panel by selecting 'Admin Tools' then 'Admin Panel'.
  • Select the 'Global' drop down and select 'Element setup'.
  • Click on the 'run accruals to date report' option, just above the description box to the right.
  • Alter the 'accrue to' configuration to pull the desired year to date information.
  • If you require a rounding to be set, this can be altered using the 'Rounding' configuration. Our recommendation would be to round to the nearest half.
  • Once the report has been filtered as desired, click the download button, which will pull the data on to a CSV file.

If you would like to enlarge the video, please click on it to expand.