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Support ticket impact levels explained

This guide has been created for system administrators.


We offer a comprehensive catalogue of guidance material to assist you with the administration of your edays system. Where you are unable to find a solution in a guide, we also offer a support ticketing service. This support ticketing service is offered exclusively to system administrators and is offered subject to the terms of your service agreement.

Our Support team uses the following definitions for a ticket's impact Levels:

  • Low [How to setup something] - Response within 5 business days
    • Questions relating to the how do I format, typically all these questions can be answered using our portal, however, if not, please advise the agent and we will add the query to our road-map. 
  • Minor [Issues with the setup] - Response within 3 business days 
    • Questions relating to issues relating to the configuration of the system, either on Global, Template OR User.
  • Major [A major functionality has stopped working] - Response within 2 business days 
    • Questions relating to functionalities not working for the entire system, for example, the ability to report - if no data is presented or attempting to access results in an error message.  
  • Critical [Severe outage/downtime] - Response within 1 business days 
    • Questions relating to If you OR your entire company is unable to access edays. 

Please note: If the priority level is not set at the time of ticket creation, the impact will be assigned by the Support team - however, this may cause delay to the timeframe for resolution.

edays reserves the right to reclassify the priority level at any time if we reasonably believe the classification is incorrect. Reclassifications are almost exclusively used in situations where a ticket is submitted as Major, but the situation contradicts the Priority 1 definition -  functionalities not working for the entire system. edays team members may also increase the priority level if the situation is deemed to be more urgent than originally reported.

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