If you would like to enable the option for a specific user to have the ability to upload attachments to an absence type, then please follow the steps below.

  • Select 'Admin Tools' then 'Admin Panel'.
  • Select 'Users' then 'Users'
  • Search for the user you need to amend.
  • Click the blue 'Edit' button on the same line as their name.
  • Select the Absence Types tab.
  • Press the blue Edit button on the absence type that requires updating (you may need to search if there are many absence types).
  • In the Permissions area of the page locate the Allow file attachments, Enforce file attachments, Allow multiple file attachments, Include attachments in emails, and Allowed attachment types settings.
  • Update the settings as required.
  • Additionally review the attachment permissions further down the page (Can upload an attachment, Can view the attachment, and Can delete attachment).
  • At the bottom of the page press, the 'Save' button.

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