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Menstrual Leave


This guide will give you a brief understanding of how you can set up Menstrual Leave in your edays system to support you with this process.


Create a New Entitlement

  • Navigate to Admin Panel > Global > Entitlement setup.
  • Create a new entitlement within your system. You may want to disable this globally so it can be enabled for specific users when required.
  • Within the entitlement element, navigate to Accrual rules, and add a monthly accrual rule which will award 3 or 5 days (depending on your policy) at the start of each month.



  • Within the entitlement element you may also want to include a cap allowance of 3/5 days using the remaining amount which will prevent the user from accruing past this amount unless days have been booked.



Creating an Absence Type

  • Navigate to Admin Panel > Global > Absence type setup.
  • Create a new absence type for Menstrual Leave and ensure the Affected entitlements field is populated with the entitlement previously created.
  • This will ensure the balance is deducted from this entitlement when this absence is booked.
  • Adjust the additional settings according to your requirements.

 As part of the legislation in Spain, employees are required to provide a doctor’s note in order to take the leave. To set this up in your edays system you can set attachments as a mandatory field within your absence type via the Attachment Settings section:


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If you are unsure about how to configure this, please contact our Support Team or follow these useful guides:


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